T his ancient landscape of rugged hills, glistening lochs

and outstanding natural beauty

is arguable some of Scotlands finest scenery.


S tanding tall and commanding stunning views over this

breath-taking and wildly romantic vista is the traditional

Croft style cottage of Seahorses.

T o the north – the sea and its chain of islets: Meall Mor,

Meall Beag, Ox Rock and many others

–  all the way to Handa Island.

T o the south-east, the proud bulk of Quinaig mountain so

loved by ramblers and climbers and overseeing

the beautiful sea loch of Nedd.


T his is the wilderness of the eagle and buzzard,

Pine Marten at the Drumbeg Self Catering CottageThe home of the red deer and brown trout

The refuge of the otter, pine martin and badger.

It is a land sometimes wild, sometimes savage,

but always spectacular and bathed in a quality

of light so sought after by photographers and artists.


I t is a land that Seahorses is proud to call home.